Who We Are

Wheelie Clean Bins was started to save one of the most important things we have. Something that lets us experience the world around us and breathe it all in. Wheelie Clean Bins was started to save our noses. 

We hated walking past those stinky bins every day and seeing the dirt and stains that wouldn’t come off. But even worse than smelling them, was cleaning them. 

Aren’t there other ways you’d rather spend your afternoon than scrubbing grime off your bin? A simple spray never seems to be enough and you’re left with a mess in the yard, wasted water, and bins that stink again tomorrow! When you factor in the environmental impact of some common bin cleaners, it’s clear there’s a problem. 

That problem is exactly what Wheelie Clean Bins solves. Our self-contained cleaning trucks clean your bins on site to eliminate odours, bacteria, stains, dirt, and whatever else ends up on those bins (we don’t want to know!) Our commitment to the environment means we only use planet friendly cleaning solutions and dispose of dirty water safely. 

We put your bins back where they belong and you’re left with no mess, no smell, and some free afternoons. 

You’ll find the freshest bins on the block in Mildura, Red Cliffs, and surrounding areas. We are proudly Australian owned and operated and love seeing our communities shine. Through franchise opportunities, we empower our fellow Aussies to start and run their own business while keeping their communities looking and smelling their best.

Our Vision & Mission


Wheelie Clean Bins prides ourselves on thinking outside the bin. Our vision is to empower our fellow Aussies to succeed as business owners while serving their communities with fresh, clean bins.


At Wheelie Clean Bins, we care about the cleanliness of your home just as much as we care about the environment.

Our mission is to preserve the health of your family and our planet by cleaning and disinfecting bins through environmentally friendly methods.

Our mission is to keep your bins clean, disinfected, and deodorised through environmentally friendly methods that preserve the health of our planet.