Mildura’s Leading Commercial Bin Cleaning Service

Don’t let your bins stink up your business! Your customers and staff deserve better. We’ll get your bins looking and smelling fresh and so you can focus on running your business.

What Does Our Commercial Bin Cleaning Service Include?

Commercial bin cleaning from Wheelie Clean Bins is the total package. We provide comprehensive cleaning and sanitation services that keep your bins and your business fresh.

Scrub away dirt & grime

The first step is to scrub away any residue hanging on to your bin, inside and out.

Pressure wash tough stains

Caked on messes don’t stand a chance against our pressure washer.

Sanitize & disinfect

We kill germs and bacteria on every surface.


Our deodorizer solution eliminates smells and prevents them from starting.

On-location service

All cleaning is done quickly on-site with minimal disruption to your business.

Eco-friendly cleaning & disposal

Our cleaning trucks store dirty water and dispose of it safely away from your premises.

What Type & Size Bins Do We Clean?

Wheelie Clean Bins is fully equipped to clean bins of varying sizes. Our commercial bin cleaning services are ideal for businesses with bins between 240L and 660L. These larger bins are often tricky to clean and a hassle for business owners. Our cleaning truck makes easy work of it, though, so you can keep your time and effort dedicated to your business. 

For bins of other sizes, please reach out for a custom quote.

Commercial Bin Cleaning Prices

Commercial bin cleaning is more affordable than you think and well worth the investment. Wheelie Clean Bins offers a variety of packages to fit your needs and budget. Pricing depends on the number of bins you have and the frequency of cleanings. 

For commercial services, we work with you to create a custom quote that satisfies your needs. Each business is unique and we believe your cleaning packages should be as well. Get in touch with us for your custom commercial quote today.

Why Choose Wheelie Clean Bins?

Wheelie Clean Bins is Mildura’s leading commercial bin cleaning service. As a local business ourselves, we love helping our fellow business owners thrive by keeping their bins fresh. 

Environmentally Friendly

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products and dispose of waste water in an eco-conscious way to preserve the health of our planet.

High Pressure Wash

High pressure washes blast away dirt, stains, and germs inside and out.

Anti Bacterial

Your bins will be thoroughly sanitised and disinfected to prevent germs and bacteria.

Smells Good

Bins are finished with a deodorising solution so you can finally unplug your nose.

Full Service

We’ll place your bins back where they belong so you’ll barely know we were there.

Don’t Get Stuck Doing a Wheelie Stinky Job You Hate Doing!

Take bin cleaning off the brain. We’ll do the dirty work for you!

Get In Touch Today For Your Commercial Bin Cleaning Services!

Cleaning your bins may be the last thing on your mind as a business owner, but dirty bins will be the first thing on your customers’ noses. Keep it fresh with commercial bin cleaning services from Wheelie Clean Bins. Schedule your first cleaning with us today or contact us to learn more. 

In addition to our commercial services, we offer residential wheelie bin cleaning and custom packages to meet all your needs. Browse our services page or give us a call to book your cleaning today.


  • Do you have a 240, 660 or 1100ltr commercial bin in need of a good clean? Get a custom quote today!