How Many Litres are Wheelie Bins?

Wheelie Bins are not one-size-fits-all. Depending on where you live and what you use your wheelie bin for, you may notice there are a number of different sizes of bins. 

Standard wheelie bins come in a range of sizes from the smaller capacity residential bins to the large commercial bins you see behind your favourite store.  Each bin holds a different capacity and is meant for different purposes. 

Residential Bin Sizes

Residential wheelie bins are issued by the local council and are specifically selected to work best with the council’s waste management process. Though it may vary slightly across different regions of the country, the standard garbage bin size is 240L. 

A larger 360L bin can be requested if needed for recycling. Smaller bins are also available. 120L and 80L are becoming more and more popular across the country as councils shift to those smaller sizes. It is likely that you will have a mix of sizes to accommodate both your general waste, recyclables, and green material. 

Commercial Bin Sizes

Commercial wheelie bins have a few less options, but still vary in size to accommodate any size business. Most commercial wheelie bins are either 660L or 1100L, depending on the location and needs of the business. 

Like residential bins, commercial bins will be colour coded to signify what materials should be placed in the bin. Businesses may have one size or a mixture of sizes to accommodate their unique needs and satisfy local regulations. 
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