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How Much Does Bin Cleaning Cost?

If you’re like us, the odour coming from your wheelie bin is no joke. It’s almost as bad as the dirt and grime caked on the side of the bin. The two together are enough to make you dread having to wheel it out for weekly collection. 

You could clean your bins yourself and spend a Saturday scraping out remnants of last week’s dinner. You could pay a neighbour kid to do it (then go behind them and clean the spots they miss.) Or you could pay a professional and have it done right. 

The good news is wheelie bin cleaning is more affordable than you may think. Wheelie Clean Bins offers bin cleaning that fits your budget. Our residential cleaning packages depend on how many bins you have and how often you’d like them cleaned. 

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Cost

The first thing that factors into wheelie bin cleaning costs is how many bins you have. Most households have anywhere from one to four bins for waste and recycling materials. These can range in size from small 80L bins to large 360L bins. 

The next aspect of pricing is how often you’d like your bins cleaned. Our professionals can come clean your bin every two weeks, every four weeks, quarterly, or just on an as-needed basis. 

This may vary depending on the bin. For example, the general waste bin that gets filled and collected weekly may need more frequent cleanings than the organic waste bin that is collected only fortnightly. 

If you have one bin, our prices range from $14 for cleaning every two weeks to $33 for ad-hoc cleanings. Two bin pricing ranges from $26-$54. Three bin pricing ranges from $44-$72. For specific pricing based on your needs, check out every available package on our website. If you have more than three bins that need cleaning, please contact us for a custom cleaning quote.

Commercial Bin Cleaning 

Commercial wheelie bin cleaning can be just as affordable as residential bin cleaning. We understand that every penny of your business matters and we offer effective cleanings for any budget. 

Commercial bins range in size from 660L to 1100L and businesses can have any number of bins depending on their needs. Talk with our cleaning professionals for a custom quote to suit your bins. 

What’s Included in a Wheelie Bin Cleaning?

So what can you expect when you pay for a professional wheelie bin cleaning? With Wheelie Clean Bins, you can expect your bins to get the full treatment. 

We scrape and scrub all visible debris from inside and outside the bins (yep, even that gross stuff on the bottom.) Then they get sprayed with our pressure washer to get even the most caked on grime. We sanitise, disinfect, and deodorise so you’re left with a bin that smells as good as it looks. 

That’s all done with our self-contained cleaning truck that collects and stores dirty water to safely dispose of it later. No muddy lawns, no chemicals down the drain, just effective, eco-friendly cleaners. 
We think that’s quite the bang for your buck. If you agree, check out our bookings page to get started with your regular cleanings this week.

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