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How to Get Rid of Maggots in Your Bin

Are you at war with the maggots in your wheelie bin? Don’t worry, we can help you secure the victory. 

There’s almost nothing worse than taking out the trash, opening the lid, and finding an infestation of tiny maggots. They smell, they carry germs, and in no time at all, they turn into annoying flies. It’s enough to make you want to throw your whole bin out and get a fresh one. 

Luckily, there are better solutions. 

Maggots, or larvae, are essentially fly babies. Adult flies are attracted to the rotting food that we throw out in our bins. When they land, they lay their eggs in the waste that provides an instant food source when the eggs hatch. 

The eggs hatch into larvae which we find as maggots. The maggots can grow into adult flies that then repeat the process unless we stop them. 

Here’s some simple, safe ways to get rid of the maggots in your bin before they become a consistent problem. 

Pour boiling water 

Instead of using harsh chemicals that may be harmful to you and your family, there’s a simple alternative that you definitely already have at home – boiling water. 

First, make sure that the bin is empty. It’s best to do this right after trash has been collected. Simply boil a pot or kettle of water and pour it down the sides of the bin onto the maggots. 

The hot water will kill the larvae and wash them down into the bottom where they can be easily dumped. Repeat a few times if necessary to get them all. 

Once they have been washed down and dumped, give the bins a good spray and scrub away any remaining residue. Allow to air dry, then return bins to their normal place and enjoy a maggot free bin! 

Use bin liners 

You may not be able to throw your whole bin out, but you can throw the maggots out! A bin liner makes it easy to get rid of everything in the bin, maggots and all. 

Similar to a giant trash bag, a bin liner lines the inside of your wheelie bin to make for easy disposal. Trash, debris, grime, bugs, it all goes inside the liner, never touching your bin. On trash day, simply remove the liner and take it to the curb for pickup. 

Any maggots that have grown on your trash are thrown out each week and you’re left with a clean bin. Re-line and repeat the process for a bug-free bin with minimal effort. 

Tightly seal trash bags 

Sometimes to get rid of maggots, you need to go on the offense. By removing and restricting their food source, you can effectively reduce the amount of maggots in your bin and make progress toward removing them all together. 

When you throw trash bags in the bin, make sure they are tightly sealed to prevent any spillage. Avoid putting loose liquid into the bins and try to rinse out any containers before throwing them out. 

The cleaner your trash is, the less it will attract flies who bring maggots. 

Wheelie bin cleaners 

As hard as you try, sometimes those maggots are just out of your control. When you’ve exhausted your efforts and your patience, call in the professionals. 

Getting your wheelie bins professionally cleaned and regularly maintained is the best way to not only get rid of maggots, but prevent them from ever happening. A cleaner like Wheelie Clean Bins is experienced in removing bugs and the grime that attracts them. 

We spray and scrub to get rid of maggots, flies, ants, rodents, anything that shouldn’t be in your bin. Our sanitising and disinfecting spray will keep bacteria from re-growing and the deodoriser spray controls the smell that attracts flies. 

With regular weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, you’ll never have to worry about maggots again. Check out our services to choose the plan that’s right for you and call to book your first cleaning today!