Wheelie Bin Pickup Days for Your Area

When is bin day this week? What bin do I put out tonight? Are my bins collected this week or next? If you always seem to forget your bin collection days, you’re not alone. 

Especially when you have multiple bins, it can be hard to keep all the collection days straight. Bin collection schedules vary across the country and are set by your local council. Each bin is collected on a regular, consistent schedule. However, that schedule is different depending on where you live. 

Red bins, for general waste, are collected weekly. Green bins for organic waste, if you have one, will be collected fortnightly. All recycling bins, whether mixed or specific material bins, will also be collected fortnightly. 

Of course, holidays or other special circumstances may affect these collection schedules from time to time. The best way to keep up with your schedule is to check directly with your local council. Browse the links below to find your local council or search your specific area. 

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